Reports: Company Involved of Cervical Screening may be Pulling out of Ireland

According to a report published in last weekend’s Sunday Business Post, Cervical the US providers of cervical screening may pull out of Ireland when their current contract expired in October 2018.

The US labs that have a service agreement in place to provide screening have said they will to quit Ireland due to a disagreement with the State in relation to the liability for the compensation claims for medical negligence in relation to the CervicalCheck Scandal. The report came as Minister for Health Simon was getting ready to meet with the author of the Scally report, which will soon be published. Minister for Health Harris has said he will see to it that women and families affected by the Cervical Check crisis will be formally briefed on the Scally report, before it is published.

Update Wednesday September 12 The independent Scally review, which was published today, came to the conclusion that the cervical cancer controversy came about as a result of a system-wide failure. In a note the Minister at the beginning of his report, Dr Gabriel Scally, said that it seemed as though the system established “was doomed to fail at some point”. The Scally report revealed the fact that there were major flaws and weaknesses management of the screening services structures.

The current contract for Cervical Check is up during October, and under its terms the labs accept liability for any medical negligence costs incurred under the current scheme in place. The company is now asking that the Irish taxpayer to underwrite those costs – a move that the HSE fears would collapse the service due to the costs.

Reports suggest that the HSE attempting to establish a contingency plan, however the current controversy in relation to the cervical programme has seen other overseas testing laboratories reluctant to offer the service in Ireland.


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