Family of Deceased Infant Rory Brennan Awarded €35k Wrongful Death Compensation

The passing of a baby boy who was only hours old was due to medical negligences according to a hearing at the High Court taken against the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital this week. €35,000 in wrongful death compensation was awarded to Assumpta Sweeney and Jason Butler, the parents of Rory Jason Sweeney Butler who tragically died on November 19 2015. Tis was just following his delivery at the aforementioned maternity hospital in Dublin. The Butler family initiated the legal action to seek compensation for what was claimed as hospital birth negligence, resulting in Rory’s death, and the nervous shock and trauma they both had to deal with following this. The Coombe Hospital has a history of having to answer for alleged negligent occurrences and had paid out large compensation awards over the last 15 years or so. These cases include:
  • €15m wrongful death at birth compensation to the McCallig family from Co Donegal due to injuries encountered by their son Eoin at the time of his birth. Further investigation into the infant boy’s suffering revealed that it was caused a being deprived of oxygen during his delivery,
  • A case of dyskinetic cerebral palsy, sustained by an infant during his birth, was also found to have been allowed to occur due to negligent work practices. A massive compensation award was transferred to his family.
  • €65,000 hospital negligence compensation was awarded to Dara Brennan, born in November 2009, due to facial cuts suffered at the time of his birth.
Representing the Butler family at the High Court proceedings, Richard Kean SC advised Justice Eager in relation to the unprecedented suffering that the boy’s parents had experienced. Liability was admitted by the defendant in the personal injury compensation claim. Justice Eager awarded the statutory compensation award of €35,000 which will be given to the boy’s family who reside in Drimnagh.  
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