€750k Medical Negligence Award for Family of Woman who Died Hours after Visiting Local Doctor

A medical malpractice High Court compensation award settlement of €750,000 has been approved for the family of a 42-year old mother of three who passed away following a heart attack which occurred soon after attending with her local GP due to cardiac arrest-like symptoms.

Sheila Tymon was discovered by her three young daughters, aged between five and ten, after she had collapsed at home on her bed. The girls phoned their father Michael who rushed back to their house at Carrick on Shannon, Co Leitrim.

A post mortem examination on June 29, 2013, revealed that Mrs Tymon had serious cardiovascular disease  and her heart was in an enlarged state. The cause of death was recorded as acute cardiac failure.

The claimants said that there was there was a absence of adequate care given to Mrs Tymon. Mr Tymon, who had been driving his car home at 70kmph in a 50km zone with his lights flashing, had been spotted an off duty Garda detective who followed him and helped him try to resuscitate his wife. Their three daughters stood watching as this was happening.

With his daughters  Rachel, Rebecca and Katelyn, Mr Tymon with an address at Kilboderry, Summerhill, Carrick on Shannon. Co Leitrim, took the medical negligence compensation action against general practitioner Martina Cogan who was practising at Keadue Health Centre, Keadue, Boyle, Co Roscommon when his wife died in 2013.

Legal representative for the Tymons family, Pearse Sreenan SC, said the family were of the opinion that the GP should have sent Mrs Tymon on for further review and treatment and that, by not doing so, denied a course of action may have prevented her untimely passing.

It was claimed in court that Mrs Tymon went to Dr Cogan on June 10 as she was suffering from abnormal sensations in her chest and down both arms which were very unpleasant and causing her severe discomfort and pain. Dr Cogan, it was alleged, deemed Mrs Tymon’s blood pressure was high and diagnosed a possible case of shingles.

A 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor was put in place when Mrs Tymon attended the doctor’s surgery again suffering from pain two days later. An antihypertensive medication was prescribed and additional review was scheduled for later in July 2013. However, though she was taking the prescribed medication Mrs Tymon went on experiencing pain.

Due to this, Mrs Tymon contacted the doctor’s clinic to see if they could bring the review appointment forward on June 25 but she was told that there was no availability until June 27. She accepted this and at the subsequent appointment it was noted she was still suffering from constant jabs in the front of the chest, shoulders, the top of her back and down her arms. A diagnosis of a musculoskeletal condition was the conclusion and the doctor prescribed anti inflammatory medication to treat this

After went home on June 27 feeling, according to her family, reassured. However, later that same evening she felt some more pain in her neck spreading into her head. At 19.45 pm, her children found her lying completelymotionless on her bed.

The medical negligence compensation settlement, without an admission of liability, was approved by Justice Kevin Cross.

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