Court Informed that Newborn Baby Died 13 Hours after Doctors Withdrew Care

A case is currently being heard at the High Court medical after parents of a newborn baby who died “gasping for breath” for a 13-hour period after doctors stopped treating him.

The baby’s parents, 31-year-old Tia Suhaila Habib and 39-year-old Robert Coyne (39), from Westmeath took legal action against the Health Service Executive (HSE) in relation to alleged medical negligence and breach of duty at the time of their son’s birth.

Jack Coyne was born at the Midland Regional Hospital in Mullingar during September 2016. the third child of Tia and Robert. He was delivered by caesarian section.

Representing Jack’s parents in court , Declan Doyle SC, told the court that Jack passed away in his mother’s arms after his family went through the “most harrowing 13 hours” as he was “gasping for breath” In the aftermath of doctors withdrawing.

Mr Doyle informed the Judge that she will present medical experts who will argue that the baby was born with a “very significant” loss of blood and that, as a result of this, a blood transfusion should have been conducted as quickly as possible after delivery. He went on to say that evidence will be presented to prove that the baby would have survived if this had been completed.

Initially the HSE first argued with these allegations. However, it has now shifted its stance and conceded that a blood transfusion should have been completed. However, the HSE is still refuting claims that a blood transfusion could have had a “causative impact upon the outcome”. All other claims are refuted..

The legal action filed to the High Court states that Ms Habib was brought to hospital at approximately 10am as she was experiencing increasingly severe abdominal pains, which had started early in the morning of September 23.

It was noted, after 11am, that Jack’s heartbeat slowed significantly. A C section was arranged and Jack was delivered at 12.59pm, weighing 2.68 kilos. It was also alleged that the infant waspale, limp, with no heart rate and with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.

Mr Doyle told the Judge that Jack’s parents have, in the aftermath of their child’s death, experienced nervous shock and associated injuries.



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