Woman Receives €40,000 Compensation for Negligent Dental Treatment

An unnamed woman is to receive €40,000 compensation for negligent dental treatment after the Dental Complaints Resolution Service became involved in her case.

The woman – only identified as coming from the east of the country – had attended her regular dentist every six months since 1993 and believed that her teeth were in good condition. It was only when she attended a cosmetic dentist last year and was told that her gums were not in good condition that she was aware that anything was wrong.

According to the annual report of the Dental Complaints Resolution Service, the woman had to undergo painful and expensive treatment from a periodontist to revise the damage to her gums, after which she wrote to her regular dentist complaining of negligent dental treatment.

When no response to the letter of complaint was received, the woman contacted the Dental Complaints Resolution Service who mediated on her behalf to secure a refund of the €5,100 she had paid for dental treatment over the past ten years, €27,900 for the cost of implants and gum treatment and a further €7,000 to cover the cost of check-ups over the next ten years.

The award of €40,000 compensation for negligent treatment was the most high-profile of the 130 grievances received by the Dental Complaints Resolution Service last year, and although it was resolved to the client´s satisfaction, failed to compensate the woman for the pain and stress she had to go through to have the remedial work done and pursue her entitlement to compensation.

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