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If you wish to make a claim for dentist negligence in Ireland, it has to be shown that you sustained an avoidable injury or the deterioration of an existing condition due to the negligence of your dentist or their assistant. You may be entitled to compensation for dentist negligence in Ireland if it can be proven that your dentist extracted a tooth unnecessarily, damaged any part of your mouth due to careless treatment, caused you suffer due to an error with anaesthetic or failed to diagnose a dental condition which subsequently deteriorated.

A successful claim for dentist negligence in Ireland relies on the testimony of an independent medical expert to establish that ‘in the circumstances and at the time’ the treatment provided for you was negligent and, as claims for dentist negligence are not resolved by tangible evidence, the Injuries Board Ireland will decline to accept your application for assessment and you will need legal representation from a medical negligence solicitor to resolve your claim. (Dentist´s are considered to be medical practitioners in the eyes of the law, which is why it is advisable to speak with a solicitor experienced in medical negligence claims)

An experienced medical negligence solicitor will ensure – provided a claim for dentist negligence in Ireland is viable – that you recover compensation for the physical and emotional trauma you have experienced, for your inconvenience of incapacity due to having to undergo remedial treatment to correct your dentist´s mistake and for any costs you have incurred due to your dentist´s negligence. As claims for dentist negligence in Ireland are among the most complex of personal injury claims, you are advised to speak with a solicitor at the first possible opportunity.

Unauthorized Treatment Results in Dental Compensation Settlement

An unauthorized treatment which left a patient, Roisin Mimnagh, scared to smile has resulted in an undisclosed dental compensation settlement at the Circuit Civil Court. Mrs Mimnagh, through her legal counsel, David McParland, told the Court that was a person

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€10,000 Compensation for HIV Positive Woman after Dentist Stopped Treating Mid-Procedure

€10,000 in compensation has been awarded to a HIV positive woman after a dentist refused to treat her, coming to a halt while she was in the dentist chair and already under anaesthetic, after she told him that she had HIV

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Woman Settles Dental Treatment Negligence Case for Undisclosed Amount

Roisin Mimnagh, a Co Dublin woman who has settled a €60,000 Dental Treatment Negligence compensation claim told the CIrcuit CIvil Court that she is still afraid to smile following a treatment to one of her teeth. Mrs Mimnagh (50) alleged

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Woman Receives €40,000 Compensation for Negligent Dental Treatment

An unnamed woman is to receive €40,000 compensation for negligent dental treatment after the Dental Complaints Resolution Service became involved in her case. The woman – only identified as coming from the east of the country – had attended her regular

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