Cancer Misdiagnosis Victim Wins Hospital Wrong Diagnosis Claim

A woman who had her stomach erroneously removed after being misdiagnosed with cancer has won her hospital wrong diagnosis claim and received an undisclosed settlement from Mid Staffordshire General Hospitals NHS Trust.

The 74-year-old woman from Rugeley, Staffordshire, underwent the surgery in 2004 after doctors advised her that a tumour in her stomach was malignant. She later discovered from support medical staff that her test results had been incorrectly interpreted and that the tumour was benign.

As a result of her surgical operation and long recovery period the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, has lost a significant amount of weight and suffers from painful digestive problems. She has been unable to continue the voluntary work she did before the operation and now needs regular care and assistance.

The undisclosed out-of-court hospital wrong diagnosis claim settlement has been calculated to include the psychological trauma of being told that she had a life-threatening tumour inside of her and the deterioration in her quality of life due to the unnecessary surgery. It will enable the woman to receive a higher level of care in the future and support to help her recover from her traumatic ordeal.

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