Brain Damaged at Birth Medical Malpractice Compensation Settlement Approved

An eleven year old girl, who was starved of oxygen during her birth and is now permanently brain damaged, has had a brain damaged at birth medical malpractice compensation settlement of 1.75 million pounds approved at the High Court.

The unnamed girl was born in 2000 but, during her delivery, obstetric staff failed to notice signs of foetal distress. The girl is unable to walk or talk, and uses an electric scooter for mobility and a computer to communicate with people.

“I am constantly amazed by the triumph of hope over adversity” stated Mr Justice Butterfield, as he approved the  brain damaged at birth medical malpractice compensation settlement against the West Sussex NHS Trust which includes an immediate lump sum payment of 1.75 million pounds and annual payments to fund a lifetime of care.

Mr Justice Butterfield also had words for her parents, acknowledging that “The devotion and care of her parents is undoubted and we very much hope that this sum of money will provide her with the very best possible future.”

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